Signage for Wayfinding: Essential Tools to Improve Customer Experience

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Wayfinding signs are often not given the same importance as branding signs. For many, wayfinding signs seem to deliver less value than signs like storefront signs that drive traffic to the business. But the fact is wayfinding signs are a vital part of the customer experience; and they have the potential to convert a qualified lead into a sale.

Find out how wayfinding signs boost the customer experience, the different types of signs you can get and tips for designing them.

How Wayfinding Signage Improves Customer Experience

Reduce frustration – Time and difficulty are the primary reasons of frustration among customers. Delay can lead to failed sales and difficulty navigating premises causes frustration. Solve both with wayfinding signs.

Branding – Custom wayfinding signs are a great opportunity to show off your brand. Best of all, repetition builds top of mind recall and increases the perceived scale of the business.

Highlight promotions – Seasonal themes, information about clearances and new products can be incorporated on wayfinding signs. Lead your customers directly to the best deals with arrow signs!

Digital signage – Digital directional signs like interactive maps are a hit with visitors because of the wealth of information they can provide. The displays are great for advertising too.

ADA signage – With nearly 1 in 5 Americans reporting a vision impairment, it is vital to include ADA-compliant guiding signs. They provide a better experience to customers and convey your business in a positive light too.

Types of Wayfinding Signage

Customized directional signs create a unique, memorable experience. Designed right, they can closely reflect the brand, work with décor while providing clear navigation instructions. A few types of wayfinding signs are:

  • ADA Signs
  • Arrow signs
  • Business directories
  • Ceiling signs
  • Door signs
  • Maps
  • Wall and floor graphics
  • Washroom signs

Designing Signage for Your Space

At Michigan Custom Signs we work closely with customers to create unique experiences and increase utility. Here are a few tips from our designers:

  • Incorporating brand – Branding must be included in the sign subtly. Think color schemes, font and graphics, rather than adding the business name on every sign.
  • Tell a story – Standard signage creates a standard experience. Themed signs and a running narrative across signs can create a memorable experience.
  • Location of signs – Signs should be installed at major customer touchpoints and anywhere a navigation question can arise. This includes entrances, information desks, parking lots and corridors.

The Importance of Wayfinding and Social Distancing Signage

Social distancing signage has become essential for making premises safer and managing crowds. As businesses in Michigan try to welcome customers safely, physical distancing signage (‘stand six feet apart’) and hand sanitizing signs have become essential.

Quality Wayfinding Signage

Looking for custom wayfinding signs for your business? We create all types of signs that match your brand and business. Talk to a representative to discuss your requirements. Michigan Custom Signs is a full-service sign company that designs, builds, and installs signs.