Exactly why should I spend money on channel letter signs?

Channel letters

If you take a moment to think about the most memorable and impressive signs you have noted, there is a good chance it is a channel letter sign. These are the signs that creatively use lights, colors, and modern design to get your attention and create a positive impression for the business it is promoting.

Well-designed and executed channel letter signs provide superb opportunities to build your brand, communicate with customers, and have your business stand above the clutter of other signs and advertisements. In today’s hyper-competitive and cluttered marketing environment, the channel letter sign allows your business to stand out from that clutter.

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs that utilize individual letters and symbols to create exactly the effect you desire. There is an almost unlimited variety of colors, fonts, materials, and lights that are available for creating your channel letter sign. Thanks to these options, you can customize a channel letter sign to deliver the exact message you desire.

Whether you want to replicate your logo, a unique design, or a special message, individual custom channel letters are created and assembled to create your channel letter sign. A variety of materials are used, but it is common to create the sides of a letter (often called a “can”) with sheet metal or aluminum. This letter or symbol is then faced with acrylic.

The face of the “can” can be custom colored but left transparent enough for light to pass through. This aspect of versatile lighting is another exciting dimension for creating custom channel letter signs. You can backlight, highlight, or create halo effects for the entire sign, individual letters or symbols, or your logo for an especially dramatic effect.

Modern LED options provide an enhancement to the traditional spots and internal lighting that allows for more dramatic signage. When your custom channel light sign is designed, it will incorporate the materials and lighting that best deliver your message and branding.

The use of lighting provides the opportunity to achieve this visibility 24/7/365 and maximize the return on your signage investment. Also, thanks to the low power consumption of most LED lighting and the long-term reliability it provides, your cost for keeping your sign constantly lit is much lower than ever before.

The channel letter sign is an ideal outdoor signage solution. However, many of our clients find the channel letter sign is an effective and impressive addition to their indoor signage. It can separate departments, highlight special promotions, or simply add a brand-building impression.

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