3 Ideas for Creating the Ideal Wall Murals for Your Commercial Space

Maker Wall Mural By Michigan Custom Signs

Wall murals, when used properly, are one of the most effective things that you can have for your office or commercial facility.  They can draw the eye, put visitors at ease, and also leave them with something memorable to think about after they leave your office. Creative wall art can help spread the message about your brand through word-of-mouth, as enamored visitors tell their friends, family, and colleagues about your décor. This is great for building brand awareness. 

Make your wallpaper murals a hit with your visitors and employees. Keep reading for three tips that will help you design the perfect custom wall murals for your office space.

Tip #1: Know your audience

Do you know who you are designing the mural for? Do you understand your target audience? Spend time planning the mural. You cannot create something memorable if you are not clear about your own objectives. It is wise to put some time and effort into performing research and building buyer personas (yes, even if they are your employees). Find out what makes people tick and what they expect of your business. In some cases, it will be better to meet those expectations; in others don’t be afraid to let loose and design out-of-the-box wall graphics.

“Measure twice cut once” goes the proverb and it pays to plan your wallpaper mural design before you finalize it.

Tip #2: Go with a unique shape or orientation

When you are looking at the actual design of your mural, think about what shape you want it to take. Rectangular murals are perfectly normal (and common), which is why it may be worth thinking diagonally or in ovals. Should you be considering a combination of smaller murals to form a larger one? Unexpected shapes and designs are, well… unexpected! Visitors are far more likely to recall them once they have left your premises. Moreover, with a vinyl printing partner like Michigan Custom Signs, you know we can create virtually any size and shape of wall mural for your space. The moral of the story is simple: don’t be afraid to be different.

Tip# 3: Be careful in your color choice

Murals are large and whatever colors you choose will seem larger than life. Choose your palette wisely, as colors mean different things to different people. Color psychology has been around for a long time, so there is a lot of science that you can refer to. For instance, if you want to give off an authoritative and sophisticated vibe (appropriate at a lawyer’s office, for instance), select cooler hues. On the other hand, using warm and comforting colors will help customers feel energized and motivated (great for gyms).

At Michigan Custom Signs we are proud to bring limitless creativity to life. We will help you design, print and install custom wall murals at your facility. Commercial offices, professionals, gyms, restaurants and many other businesses in Michigan rely on us for murals for their premises. Speak to a designer to visualize what your designs will look like.