Invest in Fleet Wraps to Get the Most Out of Your Commercial Vehicles

Charm Studios Vehicle Wrap By Michigan Custom Signs

In business, anything you own can be used to market your brand. Your storefront, a billboard, your commercial vehicle… if you control it, it is fair for you to brand it. Vinyl auto wraps have been around for a long time because they are excellent branding and marketing tools. Keep reading to find out how commercial vehicle wraps will help you make the most of your vehicles.

Use vinyl wraps to increase your reach and prolong the life of your commercial vehicles.

  1. They are attention grabbing

A branded vehicle immediately stands out from the thousands of other vehicles on the road. Well-designed, captivating vehicle wraps will give your company vehicles huge presence and make them really stand out in a sea of traffic. Advertise your business simply with the business name and contact information and people will take note; design creative wraps and onlookers will curse not being able to take a selfie.

  • Reach a larger audience

Commercial vans, pick-up trucks, SUVs and trucks are basically giant billboards on wheels. In a populated and metropolitan state like Michigan, commercial vehicle wraps can garner thousands of impressions per hour. What’s more, since your vehicles can drive and park anywhere, there is nothing stopping you from advertising in the hottest areas in your city! As vehicles drive around, they will even be seen by a varied audience, something you would struggle to achieve with static billboards.

Reflective wraps improve the visibility of your vehicle at night and can reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Maximum value for money

Cost is one thing you have to consider when selecting a marketing strategy. Fleet wraps are not only far less expensive than billboards you also don’t have to pay a recurring fee to install them. Looking at value for money, vehicle wraps offer some of the highest returns on investment of any advertising medium. According to a study by 3M, fleet graphics have a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) of $0.48, compared to over $23 for a television commercial!

  • Protect your investment

For most small and mid-sized businesses, the company vehicle represents one of the biggest investments of the company. Fleet wraps are made of vinyl and add a second skin over your vehicle. Wraps will brush off the minor scratches, scuffs and dents that come from driving on the road. During the winter season, wraps will protect the aluminum (or steel) body from corrosion from road salt. When it comes time to sell the vehicle, pristine paintwork will help raise the resale value of the vehicle too.

We only use high quality wraps and films from major manufacturers like 3M.

At Michigan Custom Signs we are committed to making fleet wraps as hassle-free for businesses as possible. Our team works with you to schedule installation such that it reduces downtime. Our vinyl auto wraps are prepared by a team of experts experienced in wrapping and maintaining wraps. Speak to a representative to design wraps for your fleet. Ask about pricing for your fleet.