5 Positive Messages That Lobby Signs Convey to Visitors

Custom Lobby Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

The entrance to a business is not where you make a sale, but it is where you can lose one. Businesses particularly in services industries – hotels, restaurants, professionals, healthcare – need to take care that their lobby sets the stage for positive interaction. After all, lobby signs are essential for building that all-important first impression.

In this article, we explain the five ways in which custom lobby signs propagate positive energy and help you make the right impression.

  1. Set a professional first impression

A well-made sign for your lobby shows that yours is a professional business and that your services will live up to the expectations that you have set. We have seen it time and again, if visitors come in feeling expectant, they are pre-disposed to having a more positive experience.

  • Help bring your brand to life

Office lobby signs typically incorporate color and branding elements of your business. This helps manifest the brand in a real, physical way and creates a much closer connection with visitors. As humans we are very visual creatures and are able to absorb the visual effect that branding signs in the lobby offer.

  • Modernize the space

Signage in the lobby helps make the space feel clean, professional, and modern. Signs like channel letters and digital signs lend a sense of the cutting-edge. Digital signage is also great at presenting changeable messaging and for creating a sense of urgency.

Office lobby signs show visitors that yours is an established business in Michigan.

  • Positive identification

It may seem obvious to you and your employees, but for first-time visitors the sign in the lobby is positive reinforcement that they have arrived at the right place. A lobby sign with your name and branding instantly erases confusion and frustration. Make no mistake, confused visitors who have had to hunt around for your business will be more agitated and less agreeable.

  • Less tiresome wayfinding

Lobby signs are not all form and no function. Smartly designed washroom signs and wayfinding signs play an important role in making your office space easier to navigate. As humans, we seem to be preconditioned to dislike asking for directions (especially when it comes to asking for directions to the nearest washroom). Custom lobby signs make wayfinding a cinch and keep your visitors more comfortable.

Smaller businesses in Michigan may think that they can get away without signage in the lobby – but nothing can be further from the truth. Having the right lobby and reception signs in place will help you start off on the right foot. After all, it is the little details that can win or lose you a customer.

At Michigan Custom Signs we will work with you to design custom, affordable signage for your space. Speak to a representative to discuss your requirements and receive a quote. We also provide complete signage packages for the entire lobby.