Turn Your Windows into Interactive Message Boards: Window Graphics

Buy Now Or Cry Later Window Graphics By Michigan Custom Signs

Window graphics are an amazing way to capture your customers’ hearts and minds and entice them to visit your store! The storefront windows are the first things customers see when they look at your store. In fact, windows offer the largest canvas for messaging, even compared to signage above the front door. That’s what makes windows graphics such a great way to turn your windows into interactive message boards.

Keep reading to discover easy tips for making your window decals interactive!

Tip #1: Use images

Messaging doesn’t just have to be text. Images are proven to be far better at attracting attention than text (which is why social media is full of photos). Design vinyl window stickers that create a frame but leave the part in the middle blank. You can paste different snapshots of products and activities every day to make the window scene more dynamic.

Tip #2: Use promotions

Being inexpensive and easy to change, vinyl window stickers are great for playing up ongoing sales and discounts. Your messaging can change to highlight incredible savings or to encourage people to shop before the sale ends. For even more rapid messaging, why not install a ‘counter’ to show stocks running out fast!

Tip #3: Use a seasonal setting

Seasonal window decals are some of the best options for joining in the festivities. Custom window stickers tell prospective customers that your business is alive to the seasons and knows how to excite customers. Promoting seasonal products is a particularly good way to make the most of the holiday spending spirit.

Large or small, single piece or multiple part – we design, print, cut and install all types of vinyl graphics.

Tip #4: Use social media

With social media feeds so full of the same things, people love any opportunity to pose in front of anything interesting. Creative window graphics can provide a great backdrop for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter selfies. Just include your hashtags and tell people to tag you when they take a picture in front of your store.

Tip #5: Use a live exhibit

A live exhibit in the front window is not so uncommon, nor are window decorations. But merge the two together and what you have is art in motion! Strategically placed vinyl stickers and a digital sign behind the window can create an illusion of interactive window decoration.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the holiday season, business owners will do well to start planning their window graphics now. At Michigan Custom Signs we take the effort out of the process: our team of designers can help you with creative ideas, we print interactive window stickers and an expert will install them for you. Speak to a representative about your requirements.