Brighten Up Your Interior with Custom Wall Murals

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Custom wall murals are rapidly becoming more popular. Businesses are installing wall murals to visually tell their brand story to their customers. These murals incorporate your company values, company logos, corporate slogans, and anything meaningful to your company. No matter the business, there is always a corporate story to tell. Restaurants, small businesses, shopping malls, and large corporations are choosing to install these attention-grabbing wall designs.

Customize Your Wallpaper Murals

The beauty of customized wall murals is the ability to personalize the content. You can ask for the design and colors of the wall mural to match your corporate identity. Once your business decides to move forward with the mural project, you will be paired with a graphic designer. Then you will work together to make the creative vision come to life.

A Bold Storytelling Tool

Let customers get to know your business better. Let them take a look inside and learn about your values, favorite quotes, and partners. Make your wall design fun. Incorporate local business partners or local landmarks. Some companies like to add important symbols that represent their brand. Others add meaningful images that have a deeper story to tell. The custom wall mural is a visual representation of your brand’s story, so what you want to portray is up to you. This is your chance to show some personality and let your creativity shine. Lastly, this is an opportunity to show how your company is different from your competitors.

Create an Experience, Create Ambiance

If you’ve ever walked into a Mediterranean restaurant, you walk into a space painted with Santorini blue and white Greek buildings and a background of the Mediterranean Sea. You are usually greeted by a waiter who takes you to a table that overlooks the town of Santorini. Instantly, you picture yourself eating dinner overlooking the sandy beaches in Greece with a sunset in the distance. You are just out for dinner, but the wall mural creates an immersive dinner experience.

Increase Customer Engagement

Customers quickly react to wall murals and start to ask questions. This instantly opens the conversation between employees and consumers and helps to build rapport. As well, beyond being an icebreaker, this eye-catching wall becomes an Instagram-worthy spot and a free marketing tool for your brand. The more aesthetically pleasing and unique you make your mural, the more customers will want to interact, take pictures and share on their social media. Once, one customer takes a photo with your brand story wall, a ripple effect will begin. Other consumers will want to come to see the wall for themselves and take pictures with the story wall. Thus, a one-time investment in your story wall becomes a free viral marketing tool for years to come.

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