Turn Your Vehicles into Mobile Advertisements

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Did you know that commercial vehicles get an average of 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day? If you have vehicle wraps installed on your fleet, drivers and passengers will remember your company name and design as you pass by. The more you drive around, the more your brand recognition will increase. That is a lot of passive advertising for a one-time installation fee for your commercial fleet.

4 Reasons to Install Custom Vehicle Wraps

24/7 Exposure

Car wraps are a great mobile advertising tool to generate buzz about your company. Unlike a traditional static billboard, your ad follows you wherever you go. That means you are passively advertising to everyone you drive by. You can even strategically drive in areas where you target audience lives to promote your brand passively to them.

Brand Recognition

Show your audience who your brand is and who they are. With commercial vehicle wraps, you can be creative with your designs, especially if you are working with a trusted professional. You can incorporate brand colors, corporate logos, and anything related to your corporate identity. You can add contact information for customers to contact you.

If you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, you want to ensure that your branding is unison across all vehicles. You can design a brand story series that creates a featured image when all cars and trucks are together. Make your cars stand out. With so many vehicles on the road, it’s hard to get noticed in a black or white vehicle. However, if you have a bold color with eye-catching images and your company name, the image will be remembered by a lot of customers who view your automobile. As well, a catchy image helps your brand become top of mind.

Durability and Protection

An added benefit of vehicle wraps is their durability. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, including overexposure to high temperatures and stormy winter weather conditions. The protective layer of the wrap protects the vehicle from small scratches and increases the longevity of your truck or car.

Comparatively Low Cost

Custom vehicle wraps are a one-time investment, and you only need to renew them every 3-5 years. In contrast, billboard ads have a tremendous cost and less reward. You have the added benefit of mobile advertising with your fleet vs. a static billboard that can only advertise in one location. On the other hand, the more vehicles your company has, the more message you can distribute to your audience. You can have a few main trucks with your main brand message and contact information. You can have a special events vehicle that drives around to promote your sales, which can help bring foot traffic to your business.

Ready to Start Designing Your Customized Vehicle Wraps in Michigan?

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