Monument Signs: A Powerful Local Presence-Builder

Del Mar Monument Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

The large, imposing presence of monument signs means they are naturally associated with large, everlasting kinds of establishments. Monuments, more than any other sign, convey a sense of purpose and solidity. And they should do too – not every organization has the space or the gravitas to be able to pull off architectural signage.

Monuments can generally be found at entrances to hospitals, national parks, office parks and office buildings in Michigan. Signs serve a threefold purpose: wayfinding, branding, and aesthetic. In this article we are going to focus on how large architectural signage such as monuments can help an organization build local presence and achieve a position of trust.

Learn How Monument Signs Build a Strong Local Presence

  1. Imposing presence

The size, location and large sign face of a monument give it tremendous presence. Large fonts and bold lighting ‘lay a claim’ to the space. Since signs are typically installed at some distance from the main building, they act as an extension of the brand too.

  • Perception

Businesses usually opt for sturdy construction for their signage. Brick monument signs, log signs, stone carved signs and metal signs exude a commanding presence. They make a brand appear steady and solid, giving a feeling of longevity. Monuments are, therefore, great at building confidence in the minds of customers.

  • Attention-grabbing

Nothing catches the eye like a monument does. Its size, location and style mean it is sure to attract the attention of passers-by whether they are on foot or traveling in a car. The fact that monuments can be installed separate from the main building means they can be positioned far closer to high traffic areas.

  • Illumination

Lighting is an integral part of any sign; monuments are no different. A large sign face means buyers can choose from a wide variety of lighting configurations: from spotlighting, channel letters, diffuse lighting, mood lighting and more. Illuminated signs increase the utility of the sign tremendously and help project the brand far and wide regardless of time of day.

Design tips to maximize brand and presence

The huge customizability of monuments can overwhelm buyers. It is best to discuss your requirements and design ideas with a professional designer in Michigan before you finalize. In order to maximize the branding potential of a sign, you must consider the following features.

Material – Signs can be brick monument signs, stone, wood or concrete. We can even produce signs from acrylic and foam, recreating any authentic material finish you desire.

Landscaping – Landscaping is an essential part of monument installations, adding context to the sign. Consider foliage, flowers and water features.

Messaging – A large sign face does not mean overlong messaging. Keep messaging focused on the business name, logo for branding signs; for directories limit the amount of text included.

At Michigan Custom Signs we build all types of large signage, including pylons and monument signs. Speak to a representative to discuss your project.