How Channel Letters Contribute to a Professional Image for Your Business

Get the best Channel Letters in Michigan

There was once a time channel letters adorned the front entrances of some of the ritziest establishments in America. From five-star hotels to upscale dining rooms to Broadway. If you wanted to exude elegance and class, you needed a channel letter sign.

Today channel letters are a top choice for all types of businesses in Michigan. Pharmacies, doctors’ offices, office buildings and even condominiums prefer channel letter signs. Why? That’s easy, the signs may have become more common, but their sense of quality has endured. Different types of signs convey a different impression – monuments suggest solidity, banners capture energy – channel letters suggest elegance.

If you are thinking of getting front-lit or reverse lit channel letters, consider how they can make your business look more professional.

Smart Frontage

Channel letter signs are, first and foremost, a handsome sign. The three-dimensional letters, customized lighting and ‘floating’ installation make for a smart sign that enhances the exterior of the building. Offices and residences with channel signs often receive praise for a smarter entrance than ones with ordinary signboards.


Virtually every facet of the sign is customizable. Letters can be custom cut to any shape; there are plenty of lighting options to choose from; signs can be front-lit, reverse lit, or halo lit. It means a business can realize its branding completely in three-dimensional signage. Even intricate logos can be brought to life with expert fabrication.

Radiate Elegance

We employ intricate lighting and ‘invisible’ installation methods to give the sign a sophisticated look. Lighting is a key component of individual cut lettering and perhaps the biggest reason why signs can look so professional. The halo lighting effect (light reflected off the background), in particular, exudes a real sense of elegance and makes the establishment feel premium.

Modern Signage

Some signs are more ‘with the times’ than others: channel letters are those signs. Since signs are custom designed for every customer, they invariably benefit from modern sign building materials such as aluminum; and LED lighting is easy to conceal and provides a very contemporary glow. Channel letter signs lend a sense of modernity and look ageless even after many years of use.

A Sign of Success

After everything we return to where we started: the subconscious belief that channel letters are a symbol of status and professionalism. Even in today’s pixel-driven age, channel letter signs are associated with upscale businesses. Use channel letters to raise the perceived value of your business and make a great first impression with visitors.

Stand Out with Channel Letter Signs in Michigan

At Michigan Custom Signs we work with business owners across the state for their custom signage. Whether you need design ideas or a completely turnkey experience, we are the team for you. We custom build every sign: design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance are taken care of in-house. Speak to a representative to discuss your requirements and discover how you can affordably energize your exterior space.