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Lisa Gansky, CEO and co-founder of the world’s first-ever commercial website, says, “A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir.” And it is a sentiment that is echoed in the shopping habits of millions in Michigan. People don’t buy products and services solely for their qualities; they buy them because of the brand association.

Whether an independent boutique or a franchise of a larger business, branding is essential for succeeding in a competitive marketplace. Every successful business takes the time to develop and hone its brand; after that, it needs custom signs and custom banners to promote it. In this article, we are looking at how you can use personalized signage to grow your brand and business.

Using custom signs to grow your brand and business

Branding is all about creating a narrative for customers – one that helps build industry association and conveys the ethos of the business. These tips will help you maximize the potential of your indoor and outdoor signage and grow your brand.

  1. Project a human face

Signs made from standard templates are easily identifiable as being uncreative and unoriginal. Design customized signs that showcase your creativity and project a ‘human face’ of the business. Consistent design, unique elements all show a business as a group of people, rather than a nameless, faceless organization. For small and mid-sized businesses, in particular, a personal touch can aid customer retention and patronage.

  • Tell the story about the business

Custom signs and custom banners help you tell a story around the business. A narrative can be anything – the tale of the founder, the ethos of the business, how long it has been in Michigan, or the close ties it has to the community. Personalized signs allow you to plan out a concerted marketing plan. Refresh signage at regular intervals for maximum effect.

  • Reach out to people

With the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a marked shift to online shopping. And the trend is expected to continue for some time to come. Use enticing calls-to-action to encourage people to shop from your online store. Include social media handles and hashtags and get people talking about your brand online. Not only is it a great way to grow the brand on a much bigger platform, but you can also dramatically increase the potential for conversions too.

What types of signs should you use to grow your business?

There is no right answer when it comes to choosing signage for your business. It depends on where you are located, the industry you are in, and audience preferences. Here are some outdoor signs that can project your brand widely:

  • Billboard banners
  • Bulletins
  • Storefront signs
  • A-frame signs
  • Building signs
  • Lamp post signs
  • Vinyl window decals
  • Vinyl vehicle graphics

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