Create Personalized Truck Wraps To Promote Your Business

Truck Wraps in Michigan

Businesses across Michigan are adjusting to a post-COVID-19 world of shopping. Shoppers are adopting every means they can to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission. That means a lot more online shopping, more deliveries, and more house calls across Michigan.

It’s why so many small and mid-sized businesses are investing in delivery trucks for the first time. No wonder so many business owners are surprised that while buying a commercial vehicle is easy, getting it ready for business is not. It’s like renting commercial space: you have space, but you still have to brand it to make it your own.

Fortunately, vinyl truck wraps are one of the most cost-effective types of branding. And a full-service company like Michigan Custom Signs can personalize them for you too. Keep reading to find out how you can customize truck wraps for your business.

Designing truck wraps for maximum advertising potential

A truck with a personalized wrap can generate as many as 16 million impressions every year in a major metropolitan city in the U.S.! Find out how you can turn those views into leads.

  1. Focus on clear messaging

Keep your messaging simple. Graphics and text should tell one cohesive story. It is a temptation for business owners to list all their offerings on the side of the truck – only to realize people get confused, looking at so much text. Make the wrap easy to read while the vehicle is in motion by having a cohesive design and messaging strategy.

  • Seasonal sales

With the holiday season in full swing, take full advantage of looser purse strings to showcase seasonal sales. Think you have missed the boat with Christmas? Why not highlight a New Year’s sale to get people shopping!

  • Promotions that appeal to your clientele

Truck wraps are impactful local advertising. That gives you the advantage of being able to target meaningful promotions at prospective customers. Compare that to billboards, which must have generic offers because they have to appeal to a much larger audience.

  • Simple calls-to-action

The simpler the call-to-action, the more likely it is prospective customers will convert. ‘Call today,’ ‘Shop online,’ and ‘Follow us on Instagram for a discount’ are examples of one-step conversions – the kind people prefer. Again, your vehicle will be traveling at speed down the road, and people simply don’t have the time to make sense of a convoluted call-to-action.

  • Basics of branding

Don’t forget to incorporate the most important elements of your brand! Let things like color schemes, and the logo dictate the design of the wrap. Mention the name of the business prominently too. Finally, include your social media handles to drive traffic online too.

Stop searching for “vehicle wraps near me”

Looking for “vehicle wraps near me” on Google? That can be a risky strategy. Most sign shops in Michigan outsource the printing and installation of truck wraps to third parties: a recipe for loose quality control. Michigan Custom Signs wraps all types of commercial vehicles in-house. Talk to us today about your vehicle wrapping needs.