Why Are Outdoor Signs Necessary for My Business?

Get the best Channel Letters in Michigan

Outdoor signs are an indispensable part of any establishment’s image. A sign identifies the business, projects its branding, and has the potential to draw people in. Personalized outdoor signs can be found above the entrances of virtually all Michigan businesses, on sidewalks, and hanging from lampposts.

Custom outdoor business signs can do wonders for business, but you must choose the right sign. Using a storefront sign for promotional activity is as inefficient as using an A-board to try and advertise to motorists.

Keep reading to find out what makes great signage.

What to Look for in Outdoor Signs

Michigan Custom Signs works with all types of businesses for personalized outdoor signs. Whatever your design, whatever your requirements, we can make it happen. If you are considering external signage for your business, watch out for these basics.

  1. Type of sign

Channel letter signs, dimensional letters, blade signs, A-board signs, pylons, vinyl banners – these are just a few types of outdoor signs: which type is right for you depends on your purpose:

  • Gas stations and roadside businesses often install pylon signs.
  • Main street businesses use one of a variety of storefront signage
  • Eateries use easily changeable portable signs.
  • Sign design

It is common to hear that a sign must incorporate a business’s branding, but the priority should be design. Creativity in design makes a sign more visually striking and, therefore, more eye-catching. Attractive signage builds confidence in the mind of potential customers and will influence purchase decisions.

  • Sign location

Will the sign be placed close to the business or be installed further away from the premises? Regardless, the size of the sign must be maximized for its location, without it appearing awkward. Too many businesses make the mistake of opting for signs that are not big enough, wasting the space available.

  • Durability

Is your sign designed to handle the conditions it will face outdoors? Though outdoor signage is designed to bear the brunt of the weather, not all signs are designed with the same durability. A great example is a pylon sign, which is expected to face high winds, snow, rain, and freezing temperatures. A vinyl advertising banner, on the other hand, is designed as temporary signage that should last only a few weeks.

  • Cost of the sign

Discuss your budget with the sign company at the outset. It will prevent sticker shock once you start designing your sign and discover optional extras have exceeded your intended spend. Remember, complexity and material choice affect the cost of the finished sign; intricate elements may look good on paper but may not add much value to your sign. An experienced sign builder will be able to tell you what elements to include (and what to exclude). Illuminating a sign also brings an operational expense, but if you opt for LED lighting, it is a lot more cost-effective.

Speak to a representative about your custom outdoor business signs. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and build signs that drive sales.