How to Prevent Mistakes in Your Office Signage

Office Signs in Michigan

Buying signage is a straightforward process, especially if you are working with a sign company like Michigan Custom Signs. But that doesn’t mean business owners and office administrators always get their signage right.

There are lots of mistakes that can be made while buying office signage: the wrong sign face, incorrect installation, poor lighting, typographical errors, choosing the wrong sign company, to name a few. In this article, we are looking at five of the most common errors in office signs and tips for avoiding them.

Mistake #1: Not getting custom office signs

In the quest to save money, businesses end up buying signs from big box stores. These standardized templates are designed to be inoffensive but end up stifling the personality of the office completely. They may be ‘cheaper,’ but they also cost a lot in terms of customer experience.

Avoid it: Buy custom office signs from a dedicated sign shop. You’ll be amazed to find that the cost of personalized signs is only slightly more than standard signs, though their effect on the experience is tremendous!

Mistake #2: Unchangeable signs

Though some signs like lobby signs and wall murals are expected to last a few years at least, wayfinding signs, door signs, and information signs need to be updated relatively regularly. Choose fixed/unchangeable variants for these, and you will be replacing the entire sign after a few months of use.

Avoid it: Office door signs must always have changeable lettering. This will save you the cost and hassle of having the sign replaced simply because the occupant of the office has shifted. Use digital signs for wayfinding and information, and you will never have to worry about the sign becoming stale.

Mistake #3: Uninspiring lobby signs

Far too many businesses in Michigan don’t pay enough attention to their lobby signs and end up with drab signs. Boring lobby signs create a poor first impression. The worst is when a business gets a reception sign that is out of sync with its industry.

Avoid it: It is easy getting eye-catching signage for the lobby. An experienced sign designer can help you find attractive office signs that suit your premises. Channel letters are a great example of a sign that is effortlessly appealing.

Mistake #4: Not getting ADA signs

Don’t have ADA-compliant signs in your office? You are risking a brush with the law for not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Avoid it: Get personalized ADA signs that don’t look jarring in your space and make it comfortable for everyone.

Mistake #5: Not getting illuminated office signs

People make the mistake of thinking signs will be easy to read in the existing lighting. Lighting may be enough to navigate the space but not enough to make the sign readable, especially if it is a dark color.

Avoid it: Incorporate LED lighting in the sign itself. It is a small addition, and LEDs are very energy efficient. Lighting can be included in lobby signs, office door signs, wayfinding signs, and more.

Speak to a representative at Michigan Custom Signs. We don’t just build signs; we guide our customers, so they get the right sign the first time.