Dimensional Letters Attract Customers with Eye-Catching Designs

Starbucks Dimensional Letters By Michigan Custom Signs

From Best Buy to Starbucks, some of the largest brands in North America rely on three-dimensional letter signs to make their locations stand out. Whether you face a crowded national market or a competitive main street in Michigan, dimensional letter signage is a great way to catch prospective customers’ attention

A main street business can make its storefront a lot more eye-catching with this distinctive signage. However, simply adding three-dimensional letter signs is not enough. Follow these simple tips to make the most of the potential of the sign and draw attention to the business.

Location, Location, Location

Where the sign is installed will dramatically affect how it is perceived. Make sure the space you choose is: (1) large enough to accommodate the sign; and (2) is visible to passers-by. An exterior business sign will only be as effective as its visibility and choosing the right location gives it the best chance to attract attention. If possible, install the sign as high up as possible for maximum visibility.


Dimensional signs need to be a sufficient size to be noticeable. A small sign confined within the dimensions of the door frame is a lost opportunity. Design signs for the largest space you can advertise on. For main street businesses this means the complete breadth of the frontage; for offices with dedicated advertising space, choose the largest sign that suits the entrance.

The Right Installation Method

Most people don’t think of installation when they plan to get new signage for their business. Raceway boards, direct mounting and ‘floating’ mounts are a few installation options; each offers its own benefits. For instance, raceway signs may be easiest to install but they can reduce the distinctiveness of the sign. Floating mounts, on the other hand, give the impression the sign is completely unsupported.

Material Choice

The choice of material affects the look and feel of the sign. Choose a material that matches your brand. Letters made of metal have a premium shine; wood adds an authentic finish; foam and acrylic signs are lightweight and affordable. Remember, some materials are more durable in weather.


To truly bring the sign to life incorporate lighting with dimensional letter signage. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to the business and advertise 24/7. Classic spotlighting is an easy, affordable way to add lighting to an existing sign. However, front-lit, backlit and halo-lit exterior business signs are a lot more distinctive.

Getting Dimensional Letter Signage for Your Business

At Michigan Custom Signs we work with main street businesses, restaurants, hospitality venues and other establishments. Unlike other signage companies we work with you to understand your requirements. Our designers take the time to finalize the design; expert builders fabricate high quality signs; we install and maintain signs for hassle-free performance. Speak to a representative about your requirement.

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