Custom vinyl banners will spread your marketing message like wildfire

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Though digital advertising has taken the wind out of television, radio and print advertising, custom vinyl banners have managed to remain relevant. In fact banners and signs are one of the only marketing tools that have become more popular in the face of this digital shift. Some of the most well-known household names in America like Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and Comcast have remained among the top 10 companies to use custom banners for their marketing.

Why? Because banners offer an incredibly effective way to reach exactly the right audience at the right time. Whether you are a main street business, a small or mid-size office in Michigan or require fast-moving marketing for events or launches, custom vinyl banners are the best way to get your marketing message out everywhere.


To reach the right audience you need to be near them. Banners can be installed on billboards, lamp posts, in shopping malls, stadiums, on bulletin boards and at thousands of other locations. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America estimates there are over two million spots in America where you can install a promotional banner! A business owner in Michigan can pinpoint ads and promotions exactly where their customers are likely to see them. Use banners to direct people to your business; or even advertise close to your competitor.

Accurate Audience Targeting

Being able to target the right audience is a challenge in any promotional activity. How do you make sure that ads land in front of the right demographic with the right buying intent? With custom banners you can reach exactly the right audience you need to – and at the right time. Part of the reason why banners are so successful is because they enable precise local targeting.

According to marketing experts over 80% of a business’s customers live within a five mile radius of the business.

Repeat Marketing

With the 24-hour news cycle and fads lasting mere hours, how do you make your message dig deeper into the subconscious? Persistent marketing – remarketing and audience retargeting – is the fundamental premise of building top of mind recall. Since banners are ‘persistent’ (visible day or night; installed over a long duration), they rapidly build brand recall. Your brand will become a topic of conversation when passers-by see it every day for a few days. Watch word-of-mouth take off from there.


Repeat marketing and advertising are incredibly expensive ventures if you rely on TV ads, radio spots and print ads. Advertising rates are exorbitant; repeat marketing requires huge investment; declining audience numbers means fewer impressions. Banners and signs, on the other hand, are inexpensive to print, persistent and receive even more impressions today! No wonder marketing firms are converging digital campaigns and physical vinyl banners for viral marketing and real world reach.

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