Are You Considering an Outdoor Sign for Your Company?

Business Signs in Michigan

Outdoor signs are one of the most effective forms of marketing and advertising today. Even though COVID-19, out of home advertising has remained a top priority for America’s top businesses. Apple, Amazon, HBO – household American brands – have remained the top 10 biggest spenders on outdoor signage. And this outdoor signage trend has spread rapidly to small and mid-sized businesses in Michigan too.

Everyone is looking for outdoor signs, but many first-time buyers don’t know what kind of sign they want. In this article, we take a broad strokes look at planning custom outdoor signs for your business.

What to look for when you are looking to install outdoor signs

Whether you are looking for signs for your premises or advertising signs, ask yourself these questions. Their answers will help you determine if your strategy is going to be effective.

  1. What is the purpose of the sign?

Exterior signs fall into one of three main categories: advertising, branding, and promotion. Advertising signs are things like billboards, banners, and flags. Storefront signs and building signs are examples of branding signs. Finally, promotional signs consist of digital displays, banners, and more. Be clear about what you will be using your signs for to choose the right type of sign.

  • Where should the custom outdoor sign be installed?

Location, location, location! Choose where the sign is to be installed based on its purpose. Regardless, signs should be installed where they will be seen by the maximum number of people. There are millions of spots for billboard-type signs across the U.S., while virtually every business has space to install at least some branding or promotional signs.

  • How big should the sign be?

The general consensus is that bigger is better. Larger signs are more visible and therefore preferable; however, signs should be sized appropriately for location and messaging. For instance, a large video wall can become a tourist attraction, but a smaller digital display in the storefront may drive shoppers into the store.

  • Do you need to illuminate the sign?

‘Outdoor signs’ installed inside shopping malls and signs for businesses that are only open during the day can do without illumination. However, most signs have some sort of lighting today. A large selection of lighting options is available, including spotlighting, LED lighting, and neon. LEDs are the lighting configuration of choice nowadays because they are so energy efficient (and easy on the pocket!).

  • Are there any height restrictions on the sign?

Most businesses in built-up areas in Michigan cannot install signage above a certain height without city permission. Check with your local business liaison or city hall to find what these are. For some signs, like a pylon, height is the defining feature; limiting their height really defeats the purpose of choosing such a sign.

Get quality outdoor signs

Michigan Custom Signs build all types of outdoor and indoor signs. We offer storefront signs, billboard banners, digital displays, yard signs, and more. Speak to a representative today about your requirements.