Why Custom T-Shirts are Popular: T-Shirt Printing


A t-shirt is a staple piece of clothing that almost everyone has in their closet. They come in various styles and shapes, from crop tops to baggy shirts and everything in between. Besides ready-to-wear pieces that consumers purchase at retail stores, custom t-shirts are a staple for both private and commercial use. They are often used at family reunions, charity events, political campaigns, and whatnot. However, many entrepreneurs are catching on with the trend and using these to help their business flourish.

Customization is a key characteristic as to why people love custom t-shirt printing services. You have control over the design, message, and layout of your shirt. Of course, selecting the right shirt printing company is equally crucial to turn your vision into reality. They must have the skills, knowledge, and expertise in the industry. Michigan Custom Signs is here for you.

Why Invest in Custom Printed T-Shirts for Your Michigan-Based Company?

  • Corporate giveaways: T-shirts with your official trademark are excellent corporate gifts for individuals such as guest speakers, contest winners, and top-performing employees. They demonstrate how much the company values them while gaining more brand visibility in return.
  • Events and campaigns: From celebrating your company’s 10th anniversary to showcasing its support for certain charitable events, customized t-shirts are fantastic for commemorating them. Michigan Custom Signs will work closely with you to capture your vision and specific requests for graphic design.
  • Brand promotion merchandise: Customized t-shirts aren’t just stylish and comfortable; they’re excellent tools for advertising your brand as well. Your official logo, company name, and slogan are must-haves for every shirt so people can easily identify your business. For the rest of the design, you can get fun and creative while still matching your branding and appealing to your target audience. For example, you own a pet grooming salon. Your t-shirt can feature a quirky illustration of polished cats and dogs in different breeds, implying that your place caters to all kinds of furry pets.

  • Uniform uses: For certain companies and positions, these custom t-shirts are great for making your employees look professional and legitimate. These official branded tops will also help customers identify the people who they need to approach whenever they need something. Thus, promoting customer satisfaction and orderliness inside the establishment.

Types of Custom T-Shirt Printing Methods

  • Screen printing: This is the most common type of shirt printing since it’s very reliable and affordable. A special machine creates original screens of your designs, and these are used as templates for a quicker and more foolproof process.
  • Vinyl graphics: If you prefer prints with a smoother and glossier finish, opt for the transfer printing method. The final product looks more dimensional and similar to those sold at retail shops.

  • Direct-to-garment: This is the latest technology when it comes to customized printing on t-shirts. DTG uses a unique inkjet printer that prints on fabric instead of paper.

The Best T-Shirt Printing “Near Me”

Michigan Custom Signs specializes in a wide range of custom-made visual communication solutions, such as awnings, lobby signs, and trade show displays. Some of our highly requested products include printed t-shirts. If you’re planning a charity event, to rebrand, or you simply want a new outlet for your brand’s marketing strategies, our professional custom t-shirt printing services are here to meet your needs.

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