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Attract new customers and keep your loyal patrons coming back with captivating signs. Brick and mortar businesses all over the world used signs to direct customers to their business spaces since the beginning of time. Thanks to the advancements in digital printing technology and innovations in advertising, today’s entrepreneurs learned new ways to use commercial signs. A great Pontiac sign company such as Michigan Custom Signs can help you discover ingenious ways to put custom signs to great use in order to propel your business forward.

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Interior and Exterior Signs that Work

Exterior signs are proven methods to lure potential customers into your business establishment. You probably remember how you got tempted to ruin your diet by purchasing a double cheeseburger and super-sized fries simply because you saw that towering pylon sign sporting two Golden Arches. Sounds familiar, right? People of all ages across the globe know the golden arches logo and love their products to bits. You fall in love with them even more when you enter the restaurant and see vibrant interior signs that reflect your personal values – lighted wayfinding signs that show the way to the restrooms and handwashing area, wall murals showing images of family and friends sharing a meal or a plastic a-frame sign that tell you to be careful, it’s a wet floor.

Simple gestures of thoughtfulness through custom signs speak volumes about your business which is why it’s essential to work only with a commercial sign company that understands how signs work.

Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl wraps for trucks and company vehicles are cost-effective ways to advertise your business. Unlike other conventional forms of advertising, vinyl wraps allow you to advertise your brand without paying for ad spaces, cost-per-click or airtime. Whether you own one car or a fleet of delivery vans, mobile advertising through vinyl vehicle wraps will surely benefit your business.

The Steps to Having a Great Signage System


Michigan Custom Signs takes pride in its unparalleled delivery of professional customer care. We always take the time to get to know you and your business to understand your needs prior to starting any project.


Once we’ve determined your needs, we let our design specialist take the reins and come up with a holistic signage program customized just for you. We use an advanced color management system to make sure your design has the exact colors you need to make the right impact with your brand.


Using only the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art printing equipment, our signage experts can manufacture your signs while keeping you on the loop throughout the entire process.


Well-positioned signs are guaranteed to catch the attention of your target audience. Choose a Pontiac sign company whose team can safely and strategically install your business signs for maximum efficiency.

The Sign Company You Can Trust

Still looking for a sign shop near Pontiac, MI? Look no further than Michigan Custom Signs. We are delighted to assist you in all your signage needs.

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