How to Read Interior Signs: What You Need to Know

Treat Yourself Interior Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

Interior signs are an integral part of virtually every business that has visitors. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar store on the high street or a commercial office in Michigan, you will need interior signage. In this, we explore the basics of why you need signs, how they should be designed, and how to derive maximum utility from them.

From ones that warn customers of low doors to elevator signs, interior signage for your business offers a lot of utility.

How should you use interior business signs?

‘Interior signs’ is a broad term that includes a wide range of signage used for decorating, branding, promoting, wayfinding, ADA-compliance, warning signs, and more. Therefore, for the best interior signage starts with a comprehensive plan. We suggest going in this order:

  • Emergency and warning signs
  • Essential wayfinding signs and directories
  • Long-term branded signs
  • Temporary promotional signs

Keeping a clear distinction between signs helps reduce wasted investment and lends the premises a more consistent look. What’s more, having a clear purpose behind each sign prevents clutter or, conversely, insufficient signage. 

Spend Time on Design

Beware of the easy way out – standard signs! Standard designs are forgettable, will not match your space, and offer a poor experience for visitors. Spend time incorporating branding into signs and matching it with your décor. The difference in effect between standard signs and interior signage for your business is vast!

Keep this simple formula top of mind: interesting but legible. Creative designs are great – as long as they don’t affect the utility of the sign.

Did you know ADA signs can be customized according to your branding too?

Changeable Messaging

Changeable elements in indoor signs are underrated. Signs such as door signs and directory signs are obvious candidates for changeable elements. Changeable lettering and digital signs reduce waste; businesses don’t have to replace complete signs simply because of a staffing change or reorganization. LED displays, in particular, can be changed with just a few clicks.

Lighting Options

Lighting has not often been considered an intrinsic aspect of interior signage save for lobby signs. Lately, advancement in lighting technology is helping make signs more attractive and more legible. LED lighting is so small that it can be concealed neatly in even the smallest of signs. Self-illumination can help signs stand out and make the premises easier to navigate too.

Ever since COVID-19 became a public health concern, hand sanitizing signs and reminders to wear a mask have dominated commercial spaces across the state.

Interior Signage in Michigan

Are you looking for a single sign or a set of the best interior signage? Michigan Custom Signs works with all types of businesses in Michigan for their indoor signs. Our team will work with your designs or recommend designs for you. We ship signs across the state. Speak to a representative today.