Utilizing Channel Letters to Create a Beautiful Storefront

Channel Letters

A business sign is meant to attract the attention of potential customers or to provide them with information. For a storefront sign, channel lettering is created to spell out the name of the business or to present a branded logo. At Michigan Custom Signs, we’re producing customizable signs to suit your business needs. Whether you’re looking for an interior sign or an exterior storefront, here we’ll be covering how our professional team can help you with this goal.

What Do Channel Letter Signs Cost?

Before getting started, you’ll need to order a channel letter sign for your storefront. Some signage services will have you pay upfront, while others will charge you afterward. The average cost of custom channel letters is usually somewhere between $2,000 to $5,000, but it can cost upward of $50,000. The price will depend on the lettering sizes, thickness, design complexity, material composition, illumination, and signage type. Contact our team to get a free quote

How to Build a Storefront with Channel Lettering

Because storefront signs are fully customizable, you should provide a design for how the sign should look. You can either hire a professional artist to design the sign or do it yourself using digital tools. When coming up with a sign, you’ll need to figure out the size and dimensions to properly fit the storefront wall. You should also think about the features you want, like a logo sign or illumination lighting. 

The next step will be to present any graphics plans you have to the designers and to tell them what you want from the product. You might be asked about whether you want certain materials for creation, like acrylic or aluminum. Once the design is ready, our team will produce the three-dimensional channel letters or panels. In the final stages of the project, the right tools will be gathered to create and mount the sign. This process could take a ladder, screws, power drills, paneling, or electric wiring to get everything set up. During the sign mounting, either you or the builder will place markers for where you want the letters or panel placed. Then you should drill the proper holes and screws in place. 

Contact Us to Build a Stunning Storefront Sign

Business owners should take advantage of all the promotional tools available to them, including storefront signs. If you’re looking to design a customized sign, contact the Michigan Custom Signs at 248-218-2559. Our team can provide you with the right guidance to get started.