How Important No Parking Signs Are

No Parking Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

No Parking signs aren’t something that only the local municipality can install. We receive requests from condos, office parks, shopping malls, manufacturing units, city authorities, event organizers, hospitals, and other establishments in Michigan that need to manage parking space.

Traffic control signage has become absolutely essential as more and more drivers take liberties with where they can park. Rideshare cabs have contributed to the unauthorized loading and unloading of passengers and improperly parked vehicles in Michigan.

What Do No Parking Signs Do?

Though the municipal body takes care of No Parking signs, for the most part, these are often not comprehensive enough to prevent unauthorized parking and don’t cover private parking. Keep reading to find out why businesses install No Parking safety signs.

Other parking signs include No Stopping, No Standing, No Idling, No Unloading/Loading signs.

  1. Reserve parking in front of an establishment

Office parks and shopping parks often allot a certain number of dedicated parking spots to every tenant. It is up to the business to mark its spot with a ‘Reserved Parking’ sign.

  • Keep loading docks clear

Warehouses and big-box furniture stores are prime examples where parking signs are required to keep loading docks are kept clear. This makes sure that when trucks arrive to drop off fresh inventory, they aren’t left waiting for a vehicle blocking the entrance.

  • Prevent exits from being blocked

Keeping a constant flow of traffic in a parking lot, on driveways, and at hotel/hospital lobbies requires signs telling motorists not to park for long periods of time. Add a time limit for waiting to prevent congestion.

  • Keep wheelchair parking clear

Parking in wheelchair-accessible parking spots is one of the most egregious breaches of parking laws. Tall blue and white ‘Parking Reserved for Vehicles with Disability Stickers’ are universally recognized as priority parking reserved for those with a disability.

  • Prevent parking in front of emergency services

Fire stations and hospitals tend to have warnings for motorists to not park near fire engine/ambulance entry points. However, most deploy additional signage to warn people to keep the driveway clear. Towing and trucking companies employ similar signs to keep people from blocking their driveway.

  • Keep unauthorized cars off private driveways

A private cul-de-sac can be mistaken for a public street, and people may park in a driveway unknowingly. Property managers and homeowners often install No Parking safety signs to warn motorists that they are on private property.

  • Provide fire hydrant warnings

We receive numerous requests from homeowners to install parking signs warning people of a fire hydrant. These signs mark 15 feet on either side of the hydrant (the minimum no parking distance in Michigan) and save visitors from getting tickets.

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