Using a Wall Mural to Add Interest to Your Office

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If you have ever stopped to marvel at a brilliant, colorful wall mural, either indoors or outdoors, then you understand the power of this medium to communicate a message and capture public attention. Even in office environments, custom wall murals can enliven the atmosphere and energize workers, customers, and visitors alike. Take a look at this exciting visual world and its potential benefits.

What a Wall Mural Can Do for Your Office Space

A wall mural can turn an otherwise drab stretch of wall space into a soothing, inspiring, or exciting statement. Imagine the power of a motivational message encouraging employees as they enter specific work areas. Consider how a calm beach scene or desert vista might enhance the comfort of your break room, waiting room, or lobby. If you want to give your brand a major visual boost, think about the power of your logo plastered across an entire wall. A custom wall mural can convey these and other effects for your office areas.

Peel-and-Stick Murals for Optimal Flexibility and Convenience

Thanks to modern signage technology, you no longer need to hire an artist to paint permanent mural designs painstakingly by hand. We can turn practically any high-resolution digital image into peel-and-stick murals for trouble-free installation and removal. This convenience allows you to swap one mural for another whenever you need to change your brand message, in response to changes in your workspace usage, or on a seasonal basis. The best peel-and-stick murals include top layers of polyvinyl varnish and archive-quality matte varnish to protect the designs against both spills and UV fading.

Design and Color Considerations

If you really want to astonish and delight anyone who works in or visits your business, add a large 3D wall mural. This type of mural features designs that fool the eye by giving the impression of depth. In addition to making an arresting impression on its own merits, a 3D wall mural can also make a work area appear more spacious.

When choosing the right image for your custom wall murals, consider the color schemes carefully. Dark blue, green, and brown traditionally find their way into office environments because of the calming psychological effects they convey. However, if you want to create an energizing effect instead, you may want to turn to richer, brighter colors for certain murals in specific locations. At the same time, you want to ensure that your company colors are represented in no uncertain terms as a means of reinforcing your brand.

As you can see, you’ll have some important decisions to make in your quest for the perfect office wall mural. Fortunately, you don’t have to make them alone. Michigan Custom Signs can help you create extraordinary wall murals that project just the right tone for your business environment. Contact us today to tell us about your needs and learn more about the wide world of options we can offer.