Lobby Signs – The Best Business Signs for Your Brand

Not Another Sofa Metal Signage for Business

When someone visits your office, what story does the lobby tell? Does the reception area make an impression? If not, your visitors will make your story for you. They may see a business much like others because the lobby is a neutral space with a few plants. There’s nothing that makes your brand stand out.

Customer lobby signs can reflect your brand. Rustic signs can recall a rural beginning. They can add to the welcoming feel of the entry space. Professional services can convey quiet confidence through illuminated metal lettering. No matter the business, office lobby signs are perfect for telling your story.

Custom Lobby Signs

Custom lobby signs communicate from the moment a client, visitor, or partner enters the reception area. They can be used to reinforce a brand or provide directional information. Office lobby signs by Michigan Custom Signs of Novi, Michigan, can be crafted from materials ranging from metals to acrylics with backlighting or digital enhancements. 

Acrylic Lobby Signs

Acrylic is a versatile material, making it an excellent choice for custom signs. Its glass-like appearance is shatter-free. Frosting the surface can help reduce glare and provide a differentiating touch to lobby signs. Both graphics and lettering can appear on the front or back of an acrylic sign. Different printing options present variations in the look and feel of a sign. Surface printing delivers a matte finish, while a subsurface graphic creates a more glossy finish.

Use acrylic signs to display company history in pictures or craft key messages that inspire. If you’re looking for distinctive lobby signs in Novi, Detroit, and the surrounding areas, acrylics offer a flexible solution that can set your business apart.

Metal Lobby Signs

Metal wall art has become popular because it can add character to an office. For example, a music company can create a wave pattern in metal to illustrate its commitment to the arts. Giving metal a rustic finish can contribute to a homey feel. Polished metals can deliver a sleek, modern design for an industrial feel. 

Designing the perfect sign for an office requires more than suitable materials. It also requires the correct dimensions to ensure an aesthetically appealing sign. If the wall art doesn’t have the correct measurements, it can make the entire space feel out of synch.


Displaying your company name in letters can make a powerful statement. Many professional service organizations such as healthcare facilities and law firms use lettering to project a confident image. Whether the letters are 3D or 2D, they deliver a clear statement of who you are. 

At Michigan Custom Signs, we look at each letter’s thickness, materials, and finish to ensure that it fits into the space. We understand that lettering may appear simple, but its design can tell an incredible story that leaves a lasting impression.


Plaques can tell your story in rental spaces where maintaining wall integrity is crucial. They do not require the same hardware as other signs when attaching them to walls. They can also serve to cover imperfections that rental spaces may have.

Michigan Custom Signs

Office lobby signs tell a story. With Michigan Custom Signs, you can ensure that those signs tell the story you want. If you’re looking for lobby signs in Novi, contact our team of experts and let them help you tell your story.