Wayfinding Signs Help With that “Welcome Back!” Feeling

Wayfinding Sign By Michigan Custom Signs

Have you ever visited a building for the first time and had to go around in circles, trying to find your way? This can be due to a lack of proper signage, which you want to avoid as a business owner. Luckily, there are plenty of wayfinding sign options you can add to create a more pleasant customer experience.

Wayfinding Solutions in Michigan

Custom wayfinding signs are your silent customer service representatives, helping customers easily go from point A to point B. It tells customers where to find key areas such as restrooms, offices, and the like without maps or lengthy instructions. Whatever business you are in, it is important to have these signs to create a more convenient customer visit.

These are typically found on ceilings, walls, or floors for maximum customer visibility. Hanging signs and vinyl wall or floor graphics are popularly used for directional signs.

Why is Wayfinding Signage Important?

Creating a positive customer experience is important to gain a loyal customer base. Here are ways signs for wayfinding can help build loyal customers:


One of the things first-time visitors look for when they are in your space is directions. Customers often want the freedom to explore on their own without the need to keep asking for directions. Wayfinding signage gives them the convenience of moving around to find what they are looking for.


Having the convenience of directional signs allows customers to do business more efficiently. Seeing your signs the minute they come in lets them know exactly where they need to go. This lets them take care of errands and other business transactions swiftly and with ease.

For maximum efficiency, make sure that your signs are placed in the direct line of sight of your customers. Having consistent sign designs throughout your space also makes it easier for visitors to find your signs and help them get the right directions.


While its main function is to give directions, wayfinding office signs can also include branding elements to boost brand recognition. It is the perfect opportunity to boost your brand by mirroring your style and color schemes. Since these are signs often viewed by customers, it is an easy way for you to build on brand recognition and recall.

Improve Safety

Custom wayfinding signs can also be used to promote safety within your space. Directions toward emergency exits and key safety areas keep an organized flow of traffic in the event of emergencies. Knowing where these key safety areas are also makes customers more comfortable while doing business with you.

Your Trusted Michigan Sign Experts

When adding or updating your business signs, it is important to choose a sign company that you can rely on. Michigan Custom Signs is the top choice for Michigan business owners. We have a dedicated team that guarantees high-quality signage results done with superb customer service.

Let our team guide you through choosing the perfect wayfinding solutions for your business. Contact us today for a free consultation!